Sunday, May 12, 2013


The Spring Academy Collection for Columbus Rocks the Cure rock & roll fashion show. This amazing event was made possible by breast cancer survivor, Amee Bell Wanzo, who organized everything and created a team of talented people who donated their time and resources to raise money for breast cancer patients, a cause that is near and dear to me as I've lost my grandmothers on both sides of my family to breast cancer.

I chose a military inspired theme to Fight Cancer and Rock the Cure. Introducing army green was a great addition to my usual color palette of black, white, grey and aqua. The collection features structured bustiers, pencil skirts, peplums, draped garments, and tutus with metal studs and chain jewelry.  Items are custom order only. Please contact me to discuss pricing and lead time. Please expect pricing to be much higher than your average retail brand. Materials alone carry a large cost, and items can take me days to create. My final look for the evening was a black studded and spiked bra and neon pink tutu.

Rock & Royalty has always been inspired by indie rock and pop styled music, and to kick off the show my friend and former co-worker's band, Kid Runner, played their set and inspired the crowd as my fashion hit the runway at Ace of Cups.

Special thanks to: Amee Bell Wanzo, Lauren Edmond, Stephanie Stein, Jeff Steele, Melanie Guzzo and Virtue Vegan Salon, Kelli Martin, Aaron James, Kid Runner, Amanda Zerby, Kaci Webb, Sarah Markeson, Annie O'Roark, Christina MacDonald, Anita Mwiruki, Lauren Hoffman, Ifeoma Ngene-Igwe, Vivian Von Brokenhymen, Ace of Cups and everyone who attended.

How it began:
The last three months have been...well, pretty much like every month for many years. This time I spent it teaching myself how to sew and construct my own clothing designs. I've only had a few lessons from friends on pattern making and draping and sewing, but this time I relied only on what little skills I had developed from Highball, or the few weeks I attempted to prepare myself for the reality TV show, Styled to Rock, hosted by Rhianna, that casting directors asked me to audition for. I made the decision in January just before the deadline, that I wasn't ready to audition. I've also turned down over a dozen other events or fashion shows I've been asked to apply or partake in from Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Indianapolis and even Miami. One of my customers asked me to be a part of this year's Columbus Rocks the Cure rock & roll fashion show and I thought for sure I could create a full collection in 6 months. Well the burnout from Highball left me with the need to take a break for 3 months, so it only left me 3 months to pull it all together. I wasn't able to create as large of a collection in time, but for my first true clothing collection, I'm really impressed by what I managed to create.

Now that it's over, what am I going to do next?

Step one: Clean my house. About 3 weeks ago my husband and I hired a contractor to build a studio in my basement so I can get out of my cramped office with a black hole of carpet that swallows my straight pins and makes it a danger zone.

Step two: Change my daily lifestyle. I decided it was finally time to quit my day job to make a little more time for my dream. The cost of materials to create my line is very expensive so I will still be working full time as a design consultant for some clients, however I will be working from home and eliminating the long daily commute across town during rush hour. My hours will be flexible and it will make it easier for me to schedule my own time as needed.

Step three: Deal with the legal issue with my name, Rock & Royalty. It will be changing soon, hopefully only slightly, once I have time to work through the issue.

Step four: Make up lost time with my husband, friends and family. I can't promise things aren't going to get crazy again, but I think a little break this summer is within sight.

Step five: Start lining up the next show.

Step six: Vacation.

Step seven: Repeat

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